Monday, April 25, 2011

Objectivist provides free advertising for movie he didn't make, fails Objectivism 101

You Minneapolis folk may or may not be familiar with this sign, situated on the corner of Uptown and Hennepin.

Who indeed?

I had assumed this was some sort not-quite-viral marketing campaign for the new Atlas Shrugged movie that's taking America by storm. GreMar, I figured, was the film's production studio.

Nope! Turns out GreMar (Greg Martin? Gretchen Marcus? A nation wonders: Who is Gre Mar?!) is an Uptown-based landlord. Gaze upon society's productive achievers, Minneapolis. Now I know what you're thinking: advertising objectivism? Three blocks from the Wedge co-op? This hardly seems like a rational, profit-maximizing choice!

But that's only because Gre Mar is taking the long view. This captain of industry, mysteriously secluding himself from the "multitude of idiots" who elected President Obama, now turns his considerable resources towards remaking America as a nation where innovators like Gre Mar can thrive, free of parasites.

Consider this billboard a warning shot. Looters and rent-seekers beware! Everything we have, we have because of people like Gre Mar. People who buy things other people built, and then sell those same things for a slightly higher price.

Erm, wait, that doesn't seem quite right...


  1. Parasite that I am, I used a copyrighted picture that I didn't take myself. FAIR USE IS AN INSTRUMENT OF THE LOOTERS.

  2. i've been trying to figure this same thing out. I find it odd that a rental company would use objectivism as its poster-child - makes no sense to me. Although I think i'm drenched in the sarcasm of that very point, after reading your post.