Friday, April 8, 2011

Paul Ryan proposes dramatic entitlement cuts; also, reversion to 19th century

As long as I'm posting links to the New York Times*, check out this awesome catch by Paul Krugman.

Somehow, Paul Ryan expects to cut non-entitlement federal spending in half in a decade. His squeeze-the-poor approach to entitlement reform aside, this is easily the most mystifying part of his budget. What's he planning on doing, dissolving the military? If his budget relies on the outright abolishment of enormous chunks of the government, shouldn't that be mentioned somewhere?

I don't know, doesn't this seem, like, a little bit important?

But instead, Ryan's apparent desire to shutter half the federal agencies is hidden in a spreadsheet. Burying the lede, they call this. Somehow, I feel as if the headlines focused less on how Ryan wants to dramatically slash ambiguous health care spending, and more on how he apparently wants to deep-six the Department of State/Education/Interior/Agriculture/Labor/Veteran's Affairs/Defense, the plaudits wouldn't be arriving quite as quickly.

*I had planned on linking there less because of the paywall, but it turns out I lack principles.

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