Sunday, May 1, 2011

Quick! Let's start the Bin Laden conspiracy theory!

Whoever gets there first is opening up a goldmine of t-shirt and DVD sales in Middle America.

Important facts that YOU NEED TO KNOW:

-Where is the body? Oh, wait, Obama had it thrown it into the ocean? Of course he did.

-And it was done in accordance to Islamic practice, which is practiced by Muslims, which we now have proof that Obama is.

-Is Pakistan even a real country?

-You know who else's death was announced on May 1? That's right, Hitler. Too coincidental to be a coincidence.

-Didn't Obama just start his reelection campaign a few weeks ago? Doesn't anyone else find the timing a little... convenient? Early October surprise, anybody?

-You know whose show was interrupted to make this announcement? That's right, Donald Trump. NOW WE KNOW WHO OBAMA FEARS MOST.

-Oh and supposedly he authorized the operation on Friday, right before he released his alleged birth certificate. Obama obviously wants to distract us from the birth certificate issue with the Osama news. Or maybe he wants to distract from the Osama news with the birth certificate issue. Actually, why not both?

Put the pieces together, America. There's no such thing as a free lunch. Wake up!

1 comment:

  1. CNN; breaking news, osama bin laden dead.

    MSNBC; breaking news, Osama Bin-Laden killed by obama's bare hands.

    ABC; breaking news, Osama Bin-laden killed by obama's bear hands.

    FOX; breaking news, Obama half-bear, non-citizen.