Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Web design fail

Sorry, Matt, but your new blog layout makes my brain hurt. For starters, it's too busy. And I have to scroll down to see the top post! Worse still, I have to scroll past huge color photographs, which completely torpedo the otherwise-kinda-cool black and white motif. Those photographs appear to link to recent Yglesias posts. Hey, ThinkProgress, newsflash: it's not necessary to link me to the blog posts that I'm already reading.

(I am enjoying the new related posts feature, proving once and for all that Matt Yglesias writes WAY TOO MUCH about Miley Cyrus.)

Also, what's with CyberYglesias at the top? It seems that Matt, no longer content to merely spend his days pouring onto the internet musings about DC height restrictions, has taken the dramatic step of actually entering the computer. He is now posting directly from the Grid, in between lightcycle duels and battles with the Master Control Program.


  1. It reminds me more of this: