Friday, June 24, 2011

Rick Perry probably shouldn't be president

Up until, well, right this moment, I hadn't paid a minute's attention to the possibility of Rick Perry running for president. You'd hear rumors about it here and there, but like all campaign rumors, I figured they were the work a desperate press corps, still struggling to face the terrible reality of their fate: that they were going to spend the next year reporting live from the Pawlentomentum campaign bus, assuredly the most Sisyphean beat in all of political journalism. Anyway, at some point or another, every Republican governor in America has been rumored to be "seriously considering" a presidential run. What made Rick Perry any different?

Turns out the guy might be for real. And while he's a bit late to the game, maybe that's only sporting, given that his main opponents are Mitt, Tim, and Michelle. Even after graciously accepting this handicap, he'd still be very much in the running. So I guess it's worth taking a moment to think about this new development.

Unfortunately, the only thought I can muster is "Haven't I seen this show before?"
  • Evangelical
  • Governor
  • Of Texas
  • With moderate views on immigration
  • Who doesn't believe in global warming
  • Is pro-life
  • Opposes gay rights
  • Campaigned on being "tough on crime"
  • And tort reform
  • Cut taxes
  • Inherited his office from the previous governor
  • Who was George W. Bush
  • By all appearances wears George W. Bush's ties and shares his barber
  • Literally is also George W. Bush
Didn't we all decide back in 2008 that we didn't like this guy and weren't going to vote for him anymore?

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