Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Apocalypse soon

We're twenty days away from debt ceiling D-Day. Rather than becoming more amenable to the fantastic deal the president has offered them, the House Republicans seem intent on doubling down and hoping nothing bad happens. Most of them seem convinced that default wouldn't be that big of a deal, anyway. The caucus has a mind of its own now. This is still a game to them. They're not listening to Boehner, and they're not listening to McConnell -- nobody is in charge. The "deal" McConnell proposed yesterday, which in actuality was little more than complete capitulation to the president and his party, demonstrates just how frightened the leadership is right now. The GOP threatened to set off an economic bomb if they didn't get their way, and suddenly its realizing that it can't defuse the thing.

Go read Kevin Drum and Jon Cohn. It's time to start worrying, people.

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