Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog recommendations

So posting on here has been light. The obvious topic for any post is the debt ceiling debate, and right now, debt ceiling discussion is pretty well-worn ground. It's almost literally the only thing being blogged about at all, by anybody, anywhere on the internet. I feel a little preempted -- every time I can think of anything to say, I discover that another, smarter, better blogger has gotten there first!

But maybe you guys aren't reading those other, smarter, better bloggers. And I've gotten at least one request for blog recommendations recently. So without further ado, here's an official 4:17 AM blogroll, representing the best of the best in internet writing. Or at least stuff I like to read. I even ranked them! The top five, anyway. Most of these names will be familiar, but maybe there are a few that people don't know about.

1. Felix Salmon - Mostly blogs about finance, art, and food. He's such a compelling writer that I actually want to read it anyway. If only he posted more often.
2. Matt Yglesias - Which is something no one has ever said about Yglesias. Dislikes height limits.
3. Ezra Klein - Like Yglesias, except a much better writer, and less manic.
4. Kevin Drum - Sort of like the previous two, if they were written by an ordinary guy and not weirdo policy savants.
5. TAPPED - I enjoyed it more before they sold out (read: back when Tim Fernholz wrote for it). Mostly just complains about Republicans these days -- but hey, that's what I do too!

And the rest:
Mike Konczal
Jon Chait
Greg Sargent
Dave Weigel (His tweeting is better than his blogging, but his blogging is pretty good.)
Jon Cohn
Adam Serwer

There's a danger, of course, in making this list. Namely, that you guys actually will go read some of these blogs, and realize that I shamelessly lift most of my content from these twelve sources. Browse, enjoy, find something you like. But seriously, don't overdo it.

(If you're under the impression that this is sort of the blogging version of a clip show, well, you'd be exactly right.)

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