Sunday, July 24, 2011

Boehner flunks third-grade civics

As if just to confirm that he's completely lost it, John Boehner is now touting the House's willingness to "act alone" on the deficit, should he not find himself able to strike a bargain with the White House.

Er, what? If this is some sort of bluff, I don't understand what the bluff is. Last I checked, the White House and Senate were still controlled by Democrats. Is he threatening a House-led coup d'etat? Maybe he just thinks the Democrats will be forced to sign on to whatever odious plan he dreams up at the last second.

My best guess, though, is that Boehner finally looked at the headlines from the last two weeks, and realized that he and his party were beginning to look like complete tools for continually shooting down Obama's compromise offers. So he's trying to reclaim some of that Great Leader mojo. He's pretty much spent the last two days trying to convince everyone in DC that Obama was the one who blew up debt ceiling negotiations. (An absurd claim: even if Obama drew some sort of line in the sand on revenues, that line was so far right of the median position that Republicans still get the blame for not taking the offer. And Boehner's claim that House Republicans were prepared to accept $800 billion in revenue increases doesn't exactly jibe with, well, what House Republicans have been actually saying for the last two months.) But Boehner knows that if and when catastrophe strikes, it's bad to be the party that said that catastrophe wouldn't happen. So now he's trying to sound even more stridently opposed to debt ceiling inaction than Obama. He's willing to take bold (and meaningless) steps, even if those Democratic sticks-in-the-mud aren't! That's how much he cares. Does it make sense? Would it work? No, but PR offensives don't have to.

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