Monday, August 29, 2011

Facebook Halfheartedly Responds

I previously posted about the Google+'s "circles" and the superiority of Facebook's "everyone sees all posts" system.

It seems that Facebook has added a feature to their status updates system, that allows a user to limit who sees the update. This will not change Facebook in a meaningful way for 2 reasons. First, unlike Google+, very few people on Facebook have their "Friends" meaningfully divided up into groups. So this makes posting something to a limited audience kind of cumbersome. Second, a big share of Facebook posts seem to be on other people's walls, which everyone can see.

As I argued in my previous post, Facebook's information sharing is superior to that of Google+'s. Normally id be a little concerned about Facebook shifting towards a more Google+ type model but Facebook doesnt seem to be promoting this new posting strategy very hard and at first glance it seems like one of their typical feints towards increased privacy. Next week they will probably go back to secretly making our social security numbers public or something like that.

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