Thursday, August 11, 2011

Someone wrote something smart

Lots of 2012 election news today! A new poll shows Obama competitive, but with Romney close behind. Meanwhile, Romney is doing his absolute best to widen the gap, telling a crowd that "corporations are people, my friends." On the airport TV behind me, Obama's giving a bit of a populist barn-burner, attacking Congress for its inaction. Zap! Zing! Pow!

And yet. None of this hardly matters at all right now. If you want the day's shortest, smartest, most accurate summary of the current state of American electoral politics, go read this Amanda Marcotte post. If they gave out awards for writing true things on the Internet, someone ought to be presenting her a little golden statuette right now. Here's my favorite bit, which can be summed up as "swing voters are dumb and you shouldn't trust them":
[T]o make it worse, the very small number of people whose votes are up for grabs are pretty much the polar opposite of the thoughtful citizen who has an open mind and spends the weeks before the election somberly reading up on the candidates before making a well-informed, well-considered opinion. Swing voters tend to be the most ignorant ones, which is probably why they manage to keep voting for Republicans, in between voting for Democrats, even though they basically never like the results of voting Republican.  The truth of the matter is that someone who actually pays a lot of attention to politics is going to become a partisan, and there's no shame in that.  It'd be like following sports or music intently without ever developing opinions about any teams or bands.  

If you don't read the whole thing, I'll think you're a bad person.

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