Monday, October 3, 2011

The scariest thing you'll read all week

It's not about global warming. Or the coming Rick Perry presidency. Or the economy.

No, it's this piece by the A.V. Club's Steven Hyden, reminding us that no matter how much you'd like to believe otherwise, you are not like other people. Normal people find you strange and weird. Normal people do not care about the things you care about.

How do we know that? Because while you're watching Community and raving over Bon Iver, the rest of America is still listening to Staind.
If I never left my house (or looked away from my computer screen), I would believe that Breaking Bad is the nation’s most popular TV show, Drive the most successful movie, and whatever Pitchfork and Stereogum are covering this week the biggest band.

But I do leave my house occasionally, and I know that what seems like common knowledge on the web is in fact a curated version of reality that, at times, gives off an impression of how things are that is flat-out wrong. The fact is that a lot of cultural institutions that have been dismissed as passé, if not on the verge of extinction—network television, daily newspapers, summer blockbusters, compact discs—are in fact still drawing a plurality (if not a majority) of available eyeballs and eardrums.
So the next time something you love disappears from the cultural radar forever, remember who's to blame: everyone else. The great churning mass of Americans, obese and stupid and ignorant, loving things that are awful beyond words and never even dimly aware of the entire world of -- let's just say it -- objectively superior culture that exists right at the tips of their greasy fat fingers. It's okay, though. They'll always have Fatboy Slim.


  1. Fatboy Slim is and was awesome.

    Exhibit A:

    This video was really ahead of it's time. Im pretty sure I began grasping irony from watching this video. It single-handedly bridged the gap between b-boy hip-hop street dancing and the flash mob as we know it today.

    Exhibit B:

    Admittedly not as sick and probably a little played out. But, still pretty awesome generally.

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  3. Keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin'

  4. Wow, it's been awhile [sic] since I've heard about Staind.