Monday, February 13, 2012

...or not

Scratch that last post. The new headline:

Now, the previous version wasn't without its flaws. (Namely, "to Spend on Jobs," which leaves open the somewhat important questions of "Which jobs? And how?") But pay attention to the way that the headline has evolved. The new version contains even less information than the first, eschewing any detail about the specifics of the budget. Worse, the information that's there is of the inside-baseball sort, less of interest to people who want to know the president's positions and more of interest to people who just want to follow the who's-up-who's-down of DC. And of course, there's the way the headline just states something incredibly obvious. The president uses the budget to set priorities? Who'd have thought?

I'd be curious to know the thought process was behind the switch. The new version does seem less biased -- horse-race coverage generally does appear more detached and neutral than substantive policy analysis -- and I'm sure that played a part.

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