Monday, March 12, 2012

HBO's adaptation of Mark Halperin's Game Change is the dumbest depiction of politics since Mark Halperin's Game Change

John McCain and Steve Schmidt talking VP options in July 2008:

JM: Lieberman is perfect. We're both mavericks who are hated by own parties. It would have a tremendous healing effect on the country.

SS: We can't win without our base. Lieberman is the right thing to do, but the wrong
way to win.

JM: Who can we win with?

SS: None of them.

JM: None of them?

SS: John, Obama just changed the entire dynamic. It is a change year, sir. We desperately need a game-changing pick. And none of these middle-aged white guys are game-changers.

Repeat ad nauseam for two hours.


Check out Rick Davis's sustained, bug-eyed stare while witnessing Sarah Palin on Youtube for the first time. The actual scene is even weirder than this conveys.


Now 13 minutes into the movie, and witnessing what I think is the third debate among McCain's staff on how (and this is a direct quote) "mavericky" McCain is.

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