Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A brief profile of the man who determines whether 40 million Americans get health insurance

I said some mean stuff about Justice Kennedy a few days ago, and if all goes according to schedule, I'll probably be saying some mean stuff about him in the days to come, too.

But right now, I'm going to say something a little bit nice about him, which is that one can hardly doubt that he is among the most earnest of all the Justices.  Someone who did not mean what he said would surely say things a little more memorably or find someone else to say them for him.  Watching Kennedy attempt to pour his opinions onto the page always feels to me a bit like watching someone trying to pull a very large and lumpy blob of clay through a very small opening.  Maybe it gets there eventually, but it's all twisted up and you can't really tell what it was supposed to be in the beginning.  And yeah, maybe it was ill-advised to let him do it, but my god, you can really tell he exerted himself in the process.

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