Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Re: the long national nightmare that is John Edwards

Apparently he's now split with Rielle Hunter.  I only know because a news item saying so popped up at the top of Slate and I clicked in morbid curiosity.  But the article seems to be drawn from an alternate universe in which Edwards is spooling up his reelection campaign:
For those keeping track at home, that was right about when details from Hunter's new memoir What Really Happened began to generate headlines everywhere from gossip tabloids to political websites.
Who is "keeping track at home"?  The guy didn't generate that kind of buzz when he was actually running for president.  Who is the audience for this stuff?  I know for a fact that the politicos haven't given him three seconds' thought since it was apparent he would never hold national office again... but a dull, vain, and fundamentally unserious presidential also-ran doesn't seem like much a draw for the Perez Hilton crowd, either.  Just go away, John Edwards.  Please.  Just go away.

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