Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why we need to fix health care, in one anecdote

From the Attorney General's court filing in the Fairview-Accretive scandal here in Minnesota:
Carol Wall’s experience at Fairview Riverside ER was similar. Carol is 53 years old, has a Master’s Degree, and is a project manager for Securian Financial Group. On January 21, 2012, Carol began vaginally hemorrhaging large amounts of blood. At the Fairview Riverside Emergency Room, she was brought to an examination table and put in a gown. Her condition worsened, with tremendous pain, cramping, and wooziness from the blood loss. While Carol was waiting to be diagnosed, a woman with a computer cart wheeled up to the exam table and told her she owed about $300. The woman insisted that Carol pay money as she bled profusely. Carol was vulnerable and gave the woman her credit card. 
On a Sunday two weeks later, Carol awoke from a nap and couldn’t talk or breathe. She was partially paralyzed. The paramedics took her to the Emergency Room at Fairview Riverside Hospital, where she was hooked up to blood pressure devices and had neurological tests. Before Carol was stabilized, a woman with a mobile computer cart again drifted up to her examination table and asked for money. Carol was having a stroke, and her husband kicked the woman out. Carol was then transported to the University of Minnesota Medical Center, where she was treated for a stroke caused by a blood clot to the brain.
Jesus Christ.

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